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McWilliams Mount Pleasant

Overview / Challenge:

McWilliams Mount Pleasant Winery in the Hunter Valley attracts significant visitor numbers every year. Many customers purchase from the cellar door and join the member program but then never purchase directly from the quarterly newsletter. Rocket Science was engaged to help activate these warm prospective buyers.

Solutions Provided:

  • Conducted a marketing audit so that McWilliams/Mount Pleasant could assess their acquisition, retention and reactivation opportunities.
  • Designed a strategy around activation of warm leads through the mail program.
  • Created a financial forecast model to show how much budget was required to achieve realistic targets.
  • Identified a number of test cells where the insights acquired could be used to improve the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of future campaigns.
  • Helped to set up a daily tracking sheet, so the results from each segment could be easily tracked and reported on.


Overall we achieved a response rate from the activity of 6.09% an increase of 27% on the results from the previous year. We also learned that “free delivery” generated a response rate that was 3 times higher than the paid delivery offer and that the new creative pack that my team created, significantly bet the control pack.

“This campaign received the most frenzied response rate in the history of Mount Pleasant.”

Greg West, the ‘Sales and Promotions Manager’ for Mount Pleasant