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Huntington Estate

Overview / Challenge:

Huntington Estate is a small Mudgee boutique winery with a loyal following. They have been selling wine directly to their customers since 1969. Tim Stevens purchased the winery in 2005 and was keen to re-invigorate both the wine brand and customer communication program to drive further engagement and to help increase sales.

Solutions Provided:

  • Conducted an intensive marketing audit across all areas of the business.
  • Identified key short and longer-term strategic opportunities to improve acquisition, retention and reactivation rates among customers.
  • Directed and oversaw the development of a new brand bible.
  • Introduced customer segmentation along with personalised and customised offers.
  • Managed the creation, production and distribution of the customer newsletter over a 5-year period. This involved directing data segmentation and sourcing and managing all suppliers.
  • Introduced campaign tracking processes and rigorous post-campaign analysis.


Over a 5-year period:

  • Achieved response rates of up to 40% from some segments mailed.
  • Increased overall response rates to some newsletters by up to 48%.
  • Increased the average # of cases purchased from a newsletter from 1.04 to 1.97 – an increase of 90%.
  • Increased the average order value from a newsletter from $170 to $340 – an increase of 100%.

“Rocket Science has been central in revolutionising Huntington Estate. Mels’ knowledge and commitment on the direct-to-market model is second to none leading to a coherent marketing strategy, better organisation and, most importantly, increased sales. Mel brings a bad name to other marketing consultants; not only does she know where to find the nuts and bolts and how to assemble them, she will even get in & use the spanner herself.”

Tim Stevens, Owner/Winemaker – Huntington Estate