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Four Ways to Personalise Customer Experiences Online

Four Ways to Personalise Customer Experiences Online

Personalisation combined with messages tailored to the needs of individual customers at the right time are powerful and effective tactics for engaging customers and driving revenue.

But how do we apply this tried and proven knowledge online? This case study from Power Retail and Barilliance provides some good insight into how e-commerce businesses could benefit from having a personalised engine to help them to unlock the value from customers across different moments in their online purchase journey, such as:

  1. Tailoring messages to different kinds of audience segments based on things such as geo-location, status (new visitor, non purchasing return visitor, active return visitor) and behaviour – so customers see the content that’s most relevant to them
  2. Having tactics in place to save/win back those with abandoned carts
  3. Using tailored product recommendations based on customers past or current purchasing behaviour to drive repeat purchase and increase order values; and
  4. Utilising site real estate such as banners, pop ups, coupons and emails to dial-up relevant messages to customers at the right time

CASE STUDY: Onsite Personalisation for Improved Conversion