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How often do you stop to look at the effectiveness of your marketing programs and campaigns? What parts are successfully engaging customers and contributing to business objectives? What parts are falling short? Where are the holes?

The marketing audit is a practical business health check. It involves taking a deep dive into your customer communication activity across key performance areas of the business such as prospecting, acquisition, retention and reactivation – the purpose is to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities from both a customer engagement and commercial business perspective.

These insights are used to form the basis for strategic customer programs and campaigns that build on what’s working, tweak what’s not and introduce new possibilities that may not have been considered in the past – all with a view to enhancing customer relationships and unlocking significant long-term value to your business.

Rocket Science has conducted customised marketing audits for a range of businesses with varied objectives. These include venture capitalists in acquisition mode (marketing due-diligence prior to purchase); large companies such as Telstra who were looking to enhance their communications to B-to-B customers; and small businesses such as Tahbilk Winery who were looking to get more measurable value out of their marketing spend.