Looking for marketing strategies to make your business go like a rocket?

At Rocket Science we approach complex challenges with a simple yet robust marketing formula.
We take our passion for creating truly engaging customer experiences and mix it with our passion for getting great results.

The outcome is smart, effective marketing strategies that deliver long-term value for your business.

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This is a practical business health check. We dive into your marketing activity with a view to enhancing customer relationships and unlocking long-term value.

Marketing Audits include:
Market Research, Market Insight, Customer Insight, Customer Journey Mapping (CX), Communications Review, SWOT, Competitor Analysis and Audit Report.

Marketing strategies are designed to connect and engage your customers with your business at the right moment and in the right way for them.

Marketing Strategies include:
The Big Idea, Customer Experience (CX), Segmentation, Channel Planning, Media Planning,  Affiliate Marketing, Offer Design, Test and Learn Plans and Creative Insights.

Strategic marketing recommendations are supported with financial forecast models that help to set realistic performance and budget expectations.

Financial Forecasting includes:
Financial Goal Setting, Financial Modelling by Audience Segment, Communication Channel and Month, Post-Campaign Analysis and Recommendations.

With 23 years experience, we have established a network of specialists who are used to add value to your marketing campaigns on an ‘as needs’ basis.

Marketing Campaigns include:
Creative Direction, Writing Briefs, Copywriting, Creative Design, Print and Digital Production, Fulfillment and Campaign Management.